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Maintaining Water Hygiene Over The 6 Week School Holiday

09 July 2024

As the summer holidays approach, schools across the UK prepare for a well-deserved
break. However, this period of inactivity can lead to unforeseen water hygiene issues if not
managed properly.

Ensuring the safety and compliance of water systems during the summer months is crucial
to prevent the proliferation of waterborne pathogens, such as Legionella.

At H2O Hygiene, we understand the unique challenges schools face and offer
comprehensive solutions to maintain water hygiene over the summer holidays. In this blog,
we’ll explore the key strategies you can take to ensure your water systems remain safe and


The importance of summer water hygiene

During the summer break, water systems in schools are often underused or completely
inactive. This stagnation creates an ideal environment for bacteria like Legionella to thrive.
Without regular water flow, temperatures within the system can reach levels that promote
bacterial growth, posing a significant health risk when the school reopens.


Key strategies for maintaining water hygiene

  • Regular flushing: One of the simplest yet most effective measures is to conduct
    regular flushing of the entire water system. This prevents water from becoming
    stagnant and reduces the risk of bacterial growth.
  • Temperature control: Legionella bacteria thrive in water temperatures between
    20°C and 45°C. Ensure that hot water is stored at a minimum of 60°C and cold water
    is kept below 20°C. Regularly check and adjust the temperatures throughout the
  • System maintenance and inspections: Schedule routine maintenance and
    inspections during the holidays. This includes checking for any signs of wear or
    damage, ensuring all parts of the system are functioning correctly, and replacing any
    faulty components.
  • Water sampling and testing: Conduct water sampling and testing for Legionella and
    other pathogens before the school reopens. This proactive approach allows for the
    identification and remediation of any issues before they pose a risk to students and
  • Cleaning and disinfection: If water systems have been idle for an extended period,
    it may be necessary to clean and disinfect the entire system. This process should be
    carried out by professionals to ensure thoroughness and effectiveness.


H2O Hygiene’s expert services

At H2O Hygiene, we offer specialised services tailored to the needs of educational
institutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your school’s water systems are
safe and compliant with all relevant regulations. Our services include:

  • Legionella risk assessments: Comprehensive assessments to identify potential
    risks and provide actionable recommendations.
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance: Ongoing support to keep your water
    systems in optimal condition.
  • Training and guidance: Educating school staff on best practices for maintaining
    water hygiene.
  • Emergency remediation: Rapid response services to address any water hygiene issues that may arise.


Safeguard your school water system with H2O Hygiene

Maintaining water hygiene over the summer holidays is essential for the health and safety of
everyone at your school. By implementing these strategies and partnering with H2O
Hygiene, you can ensure that your water systems are safe, compliant, and ready for the new
school term.

Don’t let the summer break compromise your commitment to water hygiene—take proactive
steps to protect your school community.

For more information on our services and how we can assist you, visit H2O Hygiene or
contact us directly.

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