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Legionella Control In Hotels

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Hotels, with their complex water systems, are uniquely vulnerable to water hygiene challenges, including the proliferation of dangerous legionella bacteria. 

Proper legionella control in hotels is not just a regulatory requirement—it’s a crucial aspect of guest safety and operational integrity. 

We deliver water hygiene and legionella risk assessments for hotels and the leisure industry. Our work with hotels & other leisure organisations helps to ensure a protected environment with minimal disruption to visitors’ experience.

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  • How we support our clients

    Failure to guarantee safety and high-quality water can be disastrous for any hotels or other leisure industries. 

    Trust our specialists at H2O Hygiene to guarantee your legionella compliance and water hygiene, allowing you to reassure guests and staff alike that you’re taking their health seriously.

    Whether you need one-off remedial work, or our ongoing water hygiene expertise, rely on us to provide:

    • One off water sampling, testing for legionella
    • Legionella risk assessments
    • Thermostatic mixing valve servicing and replacement
    • Water treatment work
    • Water tank cleaning
    • Staff training (from management to maintenance)
  • Common Dangers in Hotel Water Systems
    1. Legionella growth: Hotels often have extensive water systems with varying levels of usage, which can create ideal conditions for legionella bacteria to thrive. Areas of concern include rarely used guest rooms, spas, and decorative water features, all of which can harbour stagnant water—a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.
    2. Biofilm formation: Biofilms are layers of microorganisms that attach to the interior surfaces of water pipes and tanks. Once established, biofilms are difficult to eradicate and can protect legionella from water treatments, thereby increasing the risk of outbreaks.
    3. Fluctuating occupancy levels: The varying occupancy levels in hotels can lead to inconsistent water use, promoting stagnation and the deterioration of water quality. This irregular flow can exacerbate the risks of legionella and other waterborne pathogens.
  • Strategies for improved hotel water treatment

    To address these risks, a proactive approach centred around comprehensive hotel water treatment and management strategies is essential:

      1. Regular water system assessments: Conducting regular legionella risk assessments is vital to identify potential problems in water systems. These assessments should include checking for dead legs in plumbing where water can stagnate, as well as inspecting cooling towers, hot tubs, and other facilities that might act as reservoirs for bacteria.
      2. Implementation of water safety plans: Establish a water safety plan tailored to the specific needs and layout of the hotel. This plan should focus on maintaining water temperatures outside the growth range for Legionella (20-50°C), ensuring regular flushing of the system, and using biocides or other treatments effectively.
      3. Advanced water treatment solutions: Employ advanced hotel water treatment technologies such as ultraviolet (UV) light, copper-silver ionisation, or chlorine dioxide systems. These methods can effectively control microbial growth without adversely affecting water quality.
      4. Training and awareness programs: Staff training is crucial for the successful implementation of water safety protocols. Educate hotel employees on the importance of maintaining water system integrity and the steps needed to mitigate risks.
      5. Continuous monitoring and maintenance: Implement a schedule for regular monitoring and maintenance of the water system. This should include periodic testing for legionella and other pathogens to ensure ongoing compliance with safety standards.

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