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Air Hygiene Services

We don’t just do water!

Maintaining clean air and monitoring the quality and contamination present in your building’s air is essential when looking to ensure employee health.

Our engineers have extensive experience working with and measuring air quality.

We cover five key areas of assessment, and can provide you with the data that you require to identify potential sources of risk in your building’s air. These measurements include:

  • Bacterial and fungal levels.
  • Composition of the particulate in your air flow.
  • The identification of temperature, relative humidity and air circulation speed.
  • Levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in your air circulation.
  • Identifying any poisonous or noxious gases that may be contaminating your air.
Kitchen venting slats and air hygiene services

How it works

Our trained specialists will record samples and take data for analysis. Following this, we’ll provide a comprehensive indoor air report, detailing any risks to your people and suggesting the next steps your organisation should take.

We can conduct the following tasks to help you ensure air hygiene systems are functioning correctly:

  • Fire damper inspection & testing – This is an annual requirement on all commercial buildings. We’ll conduct a comprehensive test to make sure your dampers are in good working order, ready to prevent fire from spreading quickly through ducted air systems or ductwork.
  • Air quality assessments – We can conduct either on-site or laboratory tests in order to assess the condition and quality of your building’s air hygiene.
  • Ductwork inspections and cleaning – On-site inspection and thorough cleaning is necessary to encourage good air hygiene. Our specialists can clean your systems, including all air handling units.
  • Kitchen extract inspections and cleaning – We’re able to test and recommend how frequently your kitchen extract clean should be carried out.

Our air hygiene process

  • Assets & scope defined

    Either supplied by you, or following one of our indoor air assessments, we’ll build a detailed understanding of your ventilation and air conditioning systems to ensure that nothing is missed

  • Our engineers visit your site

    Our qualified, friendly engineers will visit and carry out any agreed work. Following the site visit, we’ll write up a thorough report for your records and run you through the results of any analysis and testing.

  • Recommendations

    Our goal is to guarantee your compliance. If there are any areas of concern, we’ll be honest and talk you through what we recommend. We will help to guide and support you in the management of your ducted air systems.

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Legionella Compliance

Protect against Legionnaires’ disease and remain compliant

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Water Hygiene

Chemical water treatment to save money, kill bacteria and prevent corrosion.

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Risk Assessments

Risk assessment of your water system – Understand your risks. Be proactive instead of reactive.

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Accredited training for both beginners and experienced water hygiene specialists

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Rely on our consultants to provide compliance advice on the needs of your system

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Remedial Works

Whatever remedial support you require, we can provide you with the right reactive solution

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