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The Importance of Care Groups Partnering with Water Hygiene Specialists

01 August 2023

While care groups are often in charge of a portfolio of multiple care homes, it’s common for each care home to be responsible for managing its own water system. 

While you would expect those with a legal duty of care to act in the best interest of the care home’s service users, it’s not always the case and important aspects of care home management, such as water system maintenance can be neglected. 

A poorly managed water system can lead to a myriad of issues, from legionella contamination to scalding risks, all of which can be potentially fatal to susceptible service users. 

In this blog, we explore the value of securing an ongoing support and maintenance contract with a trusted water hygiene supplier and the issues you can experience through poor water system management. 


What are the benefits of an ongoing support contract with a water hygiene supplier?

Aside from the peace of mind you will gain from knowing with absolute certainty that your care home’s water systems are safe and hygienic, there are multiple benefits to securing a contract with a trusted water hygiene supplier like H2O Hygiene. Here are the 3 key benefits: 


Experience with service users

When it comes to any form of maintenance or remedial work in a care home, the comfort and safety of its residents is crucial. At H2O Hygiene, our engineers are trained and DBS checked to guarantee the well-being and sensitive treatment of your service users. 


Consistent Record Keeping

A trusted water hygiene supplier will be able to provide an online customer portal which allows consistent record-keeping.

When you hold a contract with H2O Hygiene, you will have access to our customer portal, which enables you to see upcoming jobs, quotations, and an overall summary of your site, including the details of the contract you hold with us.

This will also give you access to historical data, such as engineer reports, risk assessments and sample certificates, as well as the training records and certification of the expert engineers at H2O Hygiene.


Legal protection

While no one wants to think about a worst-case scenario, it’s worth understanding the possible repercussions of poor water system management. 

If there is an incident at your care home, such as a legionella outbreak, your water system management will be examined scrupulously and a solicitor will find any holes that there might be in your process. 

You may have hired a maintenance worker to carry out these tasks for you, and while they claim to have a comprehensive understanding of water system management, there’s no guarantee that they have an adequate level of expertise. 

Even qualified caretakers who know what they are doing can slip up, especially when it comes to consistently checking water temperatures and conducting legionella checks. 

If your process is not 100% watertight, you could end up facing severe consequences, including legal action, significant fines, and a tarnished reputation. When your water systems are maintained by a water hygiene supplier you can rest assured that every aspect of your water system has been adequately managed. 


Ongoing maintenance and support contracts from H2O Hygiene

When it comes to care home management, providing a safe and hygienic living condition for your service users is essential. 

At H2O Hygiene, our comprehensive range of services is designed to ensure that your water hygiene systems are maintained in the best condition possible.  

If you’re interested in securing a contract for your care group, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our water risk assessment team today. 

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