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What’s the Difference Between Remedial Works and Water Hygiene Services?

10 November 2023

When it comes to water system maintenance, both water hygiene services and remedial works are indispensable. While water hygiene services enable you to continuously monitor and assess your system to prevent future problems, remedial works address any existing issues promptly. 

Just as your car needs an MOT or service to identify and fix issues before they escalate, water systems require both proactive and reactive attention. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the key distinctions between these two vital aspects of water system maintenance. 


Remedial works: reactive solutions 

Imagine your car is making an unsettling noise. You take it to a mechanic for an urgent fix. Remedial works follow the same principle. These reactive measures are taken to address existing issues in your water system.

Here are the most common remedial works required to ensure your water systems are shipshape:  


Plumbing jobs 

Repairing leaks, blockages, or damaged pipes. 


TMV remedial work 

The purpose of Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) is to regulate water temperature to prevent scalding, which is why fixing or replacing faulty TMV is crucial.  



Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate in pipes, affecting water flow and quality. Descaling involves removing these deposits to return your water systems to good working conditions. 


Disinfecting tanks

Tanks storing water can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, and disinfecting tanks helps to eliminate these potential health risks. 



After remedial work is carried out, it’s important to retest the water to ensure that the issue has been resolved. 


Water hygiene services: proactive maintenance

In contrast to remedial works, water hygiene services are proactive measures taken to prevent issues from arising in the first place. 

These services focus on ongoing checks, assessments, and preventative maintenance. Here are examples of some of the key services provided by water hygiene suppliers: 


Temperature checks and planned preventative measures 

Regularly monitoring water temperatures helps to identify potential problems before they become critical. Having a PPM schedule in place ensures that your maintenance activities are carried out systematically so that nothing (like legionella bacteria) slips through the cracks!


Risk assessments 

Conducting regular risk assessments is recommended to evaluate potential hazards within the water system and carry out targeted preventative measures. 



Taking regular samples to check on the quality of your water ensures that it meets safety and regulatory standards. 


Tap temperature checks 

Monitoring tap temperatures is crucial to ensure the optimal water temperature and prevent scalding accidents.



Any water hygiene supplier worth their salt will be able to provide expert guidance and advice on maintaining water system health. 


Air hygiene 

At H2O Hygiene, we’re no one trick pony, not only do we make sure your water systems are up to scratch, but our air hygiene services also ensure that the air circulating through your building is clean and safe to breathe.



How can you make sure your water systems are clean and safe if your team is not up to speed on the best practices or what to look out for? 

Another great proactive measure is to enrol on a course for your water hygiene supplier to cover everything you need to know about water hygiene. 


Weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual checks

Last but not least, the key to the success of water hygiene services is the frequency in which they are carried out. 

Scheduling these services every couple of years (or whenever you remember) is not good enough, because problems can escalate in this time and end up creating much larger issues.

 Having scheduled checks ensures that your water systems are consistently safe and in great condition. 


Remedial works and water hygiene services from H2O Hygiene 

At H2O Hygiene, we understand the importance of both remedial works and water hygiene services. 

Our comprehensive approach ensures that your water system remains in peak condition, providing safe and clean water for all your needs. 

Remember, regular check-ups and timely maintenance can save you from costly repairs down the line. To find out more about our services, contact our team of water risk assessment specialists today. 

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