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Why Water Treatment is Good for Your Business & the Environment

14 October 2022

Why Water Treatment is Good for Your Business & the Environment

Water treatment is an essential part of water hygiene maintenance. 

While it is used as both a corrective and preventative measure to ensure water systems are safe from the risk of dangerous bacteria growth, there are also several other benefits to the water treatment process that you may not be aware of. 

In this article, our experts explore why water treatment is vital for every organisation, not only for your safety, but also for the successful operation of your business, as well helping to protect your local environment – three wins in one! 

What is water treatment? 

 Water treatment is the process of chemically treating water in order to make it safe for its intended use, be that drinking, bathing, irrigation and more. In short, its purpose is to make the water fit for purpose, improving the quality of the water in the process.

This is achieved in two steps. The first is to pass water through various filters to remove suspended solids and any harmful chemicals; the second is to clean and disinfect the system itself, including pipework and storage tanks that store or transport water.  

There are two main types of water treatment that are relevant to most organisations: 

  • Water disinfection 
  • Water tank chlorination 

This process is crucial to preventing Legionella pneumophila bacteria from multiplying in your water, as the bacteria feed on the bacteria-forming scale, scum and rust that builds up in stagnant and neglected water systems. 

Water treatment effectively tackles bacteria growth, ensuring that your water remains as clean as possible at all times. 

How does water treatment benefit you and your business

While the main purpose of carrying out water treatment is to ensure your water is safe and hygienic, it may also impact the ongoing operation of your business (especially if your business relies on water at any point). 

Here are 4 key benefits of water treatment for businesses: 

Prevents illness

The main benefit of water treatment is obvious: it makes water safe and clean enough to use so that you, and anyone you are responsible for, from tenants to employees, do not become ill through contaminated water. 

We think that this reason alone makes water treatment worth it, but there are also business benefits to carrying out adequate water system maintenance. Which leads us to our next point…

Ensure compliance  

Water system maintenance can be complex. Fortunately, the government have provided handy detailed guidelines for you to follow and in many situations, water treatment is a part of the process. 

This guidance is put into place, not only to ensure your water is safe but also to protect your business from any potential legal repercussions of having unsafe water. 

If you comply with ACOP L8 guidance, you can prove that you have done the utmost to adequately maintain your water systems, preventing yourself from being fined or prosecuted. 

More cost-efficient 

When it comes to water maintenance, preventative measures (such as water treatment and risk assessments) are a lot more cost-efficient than the alternative, which is hefty fines and expensive remedial work to solve issues in your water system.

Protects business reputation

No matter what sector your business is in, your reputation will be irreparably damaged by a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak, and your reputation is much harder to repair than a water system is to treat. 

We know what we’d prefer!

What effect does water treatment have on the environment?

The benefits of water treatment do not stop at you and your business. Water treatment can also have a positive impact on the environment. 

If your site contains a man-made source of water, it is important to consider where your water will end up. As we’re sure you’re aware, contaminated water doesn’t mesh well with the environment. 

However, treated water can be recycled, and many treatments are available to help reduce the environmental damage that your waste water inflicts.

Water treatment services from H2O Hygiene 

At H2O Hygiene, we believe that water treatment is the best way to ensure your water systems are safe to use and that your water is clean at all times.

If you’re looking for the peace of mind you deserve, we offer a range of effective treatments, including: 

  • BS8558 water disinfection services
  • Water tank chlorination

All of our water treatment solutions use naturally degrading products, so you can rest assured that your impact on the environment is minimised, too!

If you have any questions about our services, or need specialist advice about water treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly experts today. 

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