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Success Story

Cold Water Storage Tank Replacement

30 January 2023

Cold Water Storage Tank Replacement


The H2O team provide water hygiene support to a large national facilities management
company who specialise in the installation of electrical, mechanical, air conditioning, heating
and sustainability solutions.

Their latest partnership was with a leading UK hotel chain. They had requested support on
one of their sites in Dover, as it quickly came apparent on arrival that our water hygiene
experts were required.


They approached us when it became clear that there were issues with the water system on-
site. We conducted a thorough risk assessment, and during our inspection, we noticed that
the cold water storage tank required significant remedial work.

Not only was it at risk of contamination, but the water tank also had a significant leak that
had the potential to cause damage in other areas of the structure.

For safety’s sake, it was essential that the water tank was in exceptional condition, as it
provides the drinking water for the site, meaning contamination could very well pose a
significant threat to customers.


Following discussions with the client, it was decided that the best and most cost-effective
solution was to replace the water tank entirely, as it had no chance of improvement through
repairs or remedial work.

While the tank was being installed, we managed to create a bypass to the water mains that
ensured the site had continuous access to a water supply, meaning they could remain in
business during the entire remedial process.


The client was extremely satisfied with how H2O managed the installation, especially
because there was minimal disruption to the business.

To avoid future costs, we recommended regular inspection, sampling and cleaning of the
tank, ensuring that the water system remained safe for all customers to use for years to

Remember – proactive management is always cheaper than reactive maintenance. If you’re
concerned about the water hygiene system in one of your clients’ buildings, don’t hesitate
to contact our expert team today.

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