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Success Story

Facilities Management Collaboration with Boxer Facilities Management

12 March 2024


Boxer Facilities Management (FM) offers a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning and facility management services, such as janitorial services and grounds maintenance. 

In operation since 2010, Boxer FM has built a reputation for providing professional and reliable contractual maintenance services. From this they have built a portfolio of over 250 premises, providing services for more than 50 clients nationwide. 

They offer a single solution for facilities management for multiple industries within varied environments, ranging from factories and surgical premises to office and football grounds. 

Boxer FM contacted H2O Hygiene because they have received requests for water compliance services for several sites in their portfolio. With no in-house team, they needed support in delivering high-quality and cost-effective maintenance and reactive services. 



While Boxer FM provided an extensive range of services through their single solution facilities management package, one avenue that they had not explored was water hygiene services. 

They needed a provider that could manage and monitor their portfolio to ensure water compliance through crucial services such as legionella risk assessments and emergency remedial work. 



H2O Hygiene was able to step in to carry out a comprehensive range of water compliance services across numerous sites on behalf of Boxer FM, including: 


  • Legionella risk assessments
  • Monthly temperature monitoring
  • Shower head hose clean and descaling
  • Water quality sample analysis
  • Cold water storage tank inspections
  • Cold water storage tank clean and disinfections
  • TMV strip-down servicing and failsafe testing
  • Tea boiler servicing
  • Hot water storage vessel inspections and purging
  • Expansion vessel purging and charging


As a result, where cases of potential contamination or non-conformities were detected H2O Hygiene delivered prompt remedial work ensuring compliance guidance from HSG274 and ACoP L8 Regulations. 



H2O Hygiene is now in partnership with Boxer FM, supporting them in providing ongoing water hygiene services and remedial work across 33 sites to ensure safe and clean water for their clients.  

Not only does regular monitoring and maintenance safeguard these sites from contaminants and help to highlight potential issues, but early detection and preventative measures can significantly reduce the risk of costly repairs, saving Boxer FM’s clients time and money. 


If you are a facilities management company looking to add water hygiene services to your comprehensive maintenance solution, get in touch with water risk assessment specialists H2O Hygiene today. 

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