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Success Story

Large Private Hospital in West Midlands

19 December 2022

A large private hospital located within the West Midlands

H2O were called in to provide a second opinion for a client following years of service from another contractor. We delivered a rapid turnaround survey of the ducted air systems and provided a detailed report of our findings and proposed remedial works to help ensure compliance.

The Client

As a large private hospital within the West Midlands, it was imperative their ducted air systems were compliant and safe for their patients and operating theatres. 

Air hygiene non-compliance can lead to a whole array of complications and can result in costly downtimes and potential lawsuits. The client was working with H2O Hygiene for their water hygiene, however, they had historically worked with an alternate contractor for their air hygiene. 

The client expressed concerns over the service level being provided by the alternate contractor, which is why they invited H2O Hygiene to conduct a survey of the ducted air systems.

The Problem

Years of servicing on fire dampeners in the hospital had been conducted. As part of their due diligence process, the client brought in H2O Hygiene experts to deliver a second opinion. 

H2O engineers identified a range of issues that had been missed by the previous contractor, leaving the site non-compliant. If not immediately rectified, the client ran the risk of endangering those using the building. 

This meant that remedial work needed to be carried out immediately. The only problem with this is that much of the work needed to be conducted in operating theatres, which needed to be accessible in case of emergency – it’s no good for the client if their air system is off when a patient comes in needing urgent surgery!

While this was an issue, it was one that we had no issues working around. 

The H2O Solution

The client was assigned a dedicated account manager who worked closely with them, organising times where work could be conducted.

Time management and responsiveness were essential; we worked around the client’s tight schedules, delivering essential remedial works, including fire damper testing, fire damper replacement and ductwork cleaning within short timeframes or “downtime” for the theatre. This work ensured that the fire dampers and air systems were fully compliant and safe for continued use.


Following a comprehensive survey and tailored remedial work, our engineers determined that the client’s air systems were now compliant to HSE standards.

Having seen how reliable and effective our engineers are at H2O, the client placed orders for several additional sites following this work. 

“The work the H2O team delivered was impeccable. We were impressed with their attitude, enthusiasm and knowledge, which is why we’ll be using them moving forwards.”

     – Lead Hospital Engineer

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