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Success Story

Remedial Pipework for Care Home Group 

11 June 2024

At H2O Hygiene, we have extensive experience working with healthcare organisations and care groups, conducting risk assessments and remedial work to ensure service users have access to safe and hygienic water. 

One recent project, which involved replacing outdated pipework, is a perfect example of how water system maintenance is crucial in preventing the risk of legionella and other bacteria.  



H2O Hygiene were contacted by the manager of a care group to assess the safety of the water systems at one of their sites. 

We sent engineers to conduct a legionella risk assessment, which revealed that the thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) installed throughout the site were centrally located. As a result, the pipework that supplied outlets with mixed or warm water was longer than recommended and required reworking.


Given that the work was to take place in a care home with elderly residents, H2O worked closely with the care home manager to ensure minimal disruption to the service users. H2O’s dedicated account manager and plumbing manager provided guidance throughout the project and kept the client’s head offices informed of progress at all times.

Our engineers are highly experienced in working in care environments. They took the time to learn all about the site’s processes and made the comfort and safety of the service users their top priority.

Another aspect of the project that needed consideration was the client’s preference of faucet manufacturer. 

We contacted the manufacturer and were able to arrange for a factory visit with the client. During the visit, the client was given insight into how the faucets were manufactured, giving them confidence in the products proposed by our team. 



Our team were able to solve issues with the site’s pipework by replacing the 25 centrally located TMVs with 45 thermostatically controlled taps at each outlet. 

Not only did this significantly reduce the risk of legionella growth and spread, but it also ensures safe water temperatures for all service users and staff. 

Non-thermostatically controlled tap with flexible hose connections attached  Thermostatically controlled tap with “solid”tap tails installed in place
of the flexible hoses





Feedback is extremely important to us. After the project was completed, we got in touch with the care group manager to ensure that everything had gone according to plan. 

The feedback we received was extremely positive. The group was happy with how professionally and considerately the H2O engineers had handled the project, particularly commending how the H2O team mapped out times when the water would be affected to ensure disruption to service users was kept to a minimum.

Through our legionella risk assessment and remedial work, we were able to resolve any concerns the care group had about their site’s water system and ensure safe and hygienic water for their service users. 



At H2O Hygiene, we specialise in providing water hygiene and remedial works to care groups across the UK. 

Get in touch with our team of specialists and learn more about our comprehensive services. 

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