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Legionella Testing in Care Homes (What You Should Do)

03 November 2022

The Impact of Poorly Managed Water Systems

Keeping your water safe is a high priority for any business, none more so than a care home. 

Care homes come with a duty of care for their residents, staff and visitors. As you’ll likely care for a broad spectrum of vulnerable patients, partaking in legionella testing in your care home is of the utmost importance.

Legionella bacteria causes the potentially life-threatening Legionnaires’ disease, a form a pneumonia that can be fatal, especially if contracted by a vulnerable person. 

In order to prevent it, you’ll need to ensure that your water system is regularly monitored and maintained.

How to conduct legionella testing in care homes

For any organisation in the healthcare industry, we highly recommend that you carry out a legionella risk assessment every two years.

There’s quite a lot you should know about legionella risk assessments. In order to make this information more easily digestible, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to legionella risk assessments for care homes. You can download your free copy by clicking the link below.

Learn how to keep your water safe

Legionella risk assessments for care homes

For over a decade, our team at H2O Hygiene have worked closely with care homes and NHS trusts from across the country, delivering bespoke water hygiene solutions that ensure their patients, staff and visitors remain safe from the dangers of legionellosis.

Get in touch with our friendly team today for bespoke, impartial advice on your water system. We’re available to conduct a comprehensive legionella risk assessment, identifying key areas of concern in your system.

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